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Vendetta Fitness: Personal Training, Sports Performance, Contest Prep.


Let’s Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life!


                     Sincerely, Arian Leka

Why Our Training Is Unlike Anything You Have Ever Tried Before

Our training philosophy is based on something we call the E3 Method (Evaluate, Educate, Execute).


Evaluate– We examine your current situation and what you want to achieve and chart and exact blueprint for achieving your goal.


Educate– We not only guide you every step of the way on your journey to your best shape ever. We explain the reasoning behind what we do in great detail.


Execute– This is where we peice it all together .


We Are Changing The Game For People and Atheltes Alike


Individual Training Programs


Custom Nutrition Program Tailored To Your Goals


Guidance Through Every Workout


Community Of Motivated Individuals Looking To Improve With You


Group Training To Double The Fun


Advanced Athletic Training To Up Your Game


Advanced Recovery To Keep You At Peak Performance

Our Programs

Lets Get You To The Next Level


REDEEM plays a role in our Vendetta Fitness family because of the dedication and motivation each client and employee has. When there are times some may want to quit, they are quickly redeemed by constant positive reinforcement by our team and to be able to gain not only fitness goals, but also to gain a family as well.


As a company, we make it a priority to value the diversity of each client and each individual’s privacy, physical and emotional being.


We demonstrate efficiency by implementing our E3 Method. In the E3 Method, we focus on Evaluating, Educating, and Executing fitness programs tailored to each individual


We strive for excellence. Our attention to precise detail is what we are known for. Not only do we strive for excellence and perfection in training, but we also strive for excellence in building a lifelong relationship with our clients.


 Because our programs are tailored to each individual, we promise you real results, mentally and physically.


Being dependable is what brings our clients back. We are trustworthy and reliable. Commitment to Vendetta Fitness demonstrates the desire for continued personal success, which our team repays with unconditional support.


We motivate each client by showing them what a fitness family means. Being a fitness family means showing unwavering support through good and bad days. We aid in motivating each individual to succeed in their fitness journeys.

“You guys take a great sense of pride in your product and truly care for all your clients. I was intimidated at first but I’ve never had someone motivate me the way you guys have. I owe all of my accomplishments on and off the ice to you guys. Thank you!” -Trey Peacock

“After training with the Vendetta Team, I immediately saw a difference in my speed, endurance, strength and foot skills. You guys are incredible trainers who constantly supported me in all the years I’ve been training with you. You have helped me achieve so much, and I would not be where I am today with you guys.” -Rachel Manci

“My father was the one who found Vendetta Fitness and he told me they were the best. I’ve been training with them since the 9th grade and now, being a division 1 athlete, I can undoubtedly say I owe it all to them. After my injuries, they knew exactly how to help me recover and brought my game to an even higher level.” -Jason Patnick

Frequently Asked Questions


I Haven’t Worked Out In Years Is This For Me ?

Definitely! This program was designed for beginners. If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life and follow the step by step instruction of the coaches you will succeed!


Will I Be Able To Keep Up With The Training

All our programs are designed and customized around your specific goals. We guide you every step of the way and progress at your own pace.


How Long does It Take To See Results?

This depends on your goal. Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. You will see results from the first session its all about getting started.


I Am A Vegan Am I Able To Follow This Program

Yes! All of our nutrition plans are custom to your lifestyle and foods that you enjoy.

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