Sport Performance

Which Vendetta Athlete Are You?

For athletes who want to excel their game to the next level and push past expectations and limitations, our customized one-on-one training allows for undivided attention on his or her sport-specific goal. Our philosophy is to focus on injury prevention as well as mobility, recovery, and mental toughness. In our sport performance training, we provide a fully customized protocol for each sport and each athlete to get the best results. Buddy packages, group sessions, and team training also available! Click on the option below that best suits your needs.

The Stats Don’t Lie!


All County Recognition

% of atheletes that have been recognized within the county.


All Area Recognition

% of atheletes that have been recognized within the area.


All State Recognition

% of atheletes that have been recognized within the state.


Scholarship Awarded

% of atheletes that have been awarded scholarships.

“Started with you guys when I was a sophomore in High School. Thank you for turning me into an All-American football player. Even though I complained endlessly I appreciate all your support and determination to get me a Division 1 scholarship. Couldn’t have done it with any other company” -Kellen Sperduto
“You guys take a great sense of pride in your product and truly care for all your clients. I was intimidated at first but I’ve never had someone motivate me the way you guys have. I owe all of my accomplishments on and off the ice to you guys. Thank you!” -Trey Peacock
“After training with the Vendetta Team, I immediately saw a difference in my speed, endurance, strength and foot skills. You guys are incredible trainers who constantly supported me in all the years I’ve been training with you. You have helped me achieve so much, and I would not be where I am today with you guys.” -Rachel Manci
“I’ve trained with numerous trainers before Vendetta and it was always the same routine. The Vendetta team not only knew what they were doing as far as workouts but they also understood the mental side which many unathletic trainers don’t. Thank you for helping me achieve the free education through sports and teaching me how to be a successful person not just in baseball but also life.” -Tyler Fox
“My father was the one who found Vendetta Fitness and he told me they were the best. I’ve been training with them since the 9th grade and now, being a division 1 athlete, I can undoubtedly say I owe it all to them. After my injuries, they knew exactly how to help me recover and brought my game to an even higher level.” -Jason Patnick
“I had lost all hope in playing Division 1 football after my two high school injuries. Once meeting the Vendetta Team I’ve felt that dream was no longer impossible but very achievable. They not only helped with both surgeries but also increased my strength overall. Thanks to you guys I’ve been at camps snapping in front of the Pros and have received a free education through my snapping. Thank you guys for everything.” -Kevin Fennel
“I’ve been involved in football my entire life and when it comes to training, you guys have taking it to a whole other level. I was able to increase my explosiveness off the ball and improve in my overall ability to run the football. Many people just do their jobs for a paycheck but you have made me feel like part of your family and it was the best experience I have ever lived. Thanks guys for all the hard work, dedication and memories.” -Mike Rastiello Jr
“I’ve accomplished a lot in the years of playing sports and I owe all of it to you guys. Thank you for always pushing me past my limits and believing in me even if I didn’t.” -John Maciejewski
“Thanks for all the off season training guys. Keep up the great work! SBC XXXVIII.” -Shawn Mayer
“Thanks for all the awesome training, you guys are the best.” -Drew Willy
“Thanks for all the off-season training.” -Zach Rey
“Thanks for a speed and skills training. You guys really improved my game and I’ll be back in the off season.” -Ismar Tandir
“We’ve been together since the 8th grade, and thanks to all your help, I can finally say I made it. Playing baseball for one of the best franchises in the league, thank you guys for all my accomplishments and I’ll never forget all you have done to make sure I made it to the Major leagues.” -Brandon Wagner