Our vision is to inspire not only our clients, but other young fitness enthusiasts. Our goal is to not only accept short-term satisfaction of a current want, but the gratification of an improved lifestyle. This is instilled by our perfected E3 (Evaluate-Educate-Execute) method, which was created to provide accountability for both fitness professionals and clients to reach each person’s individual goals and life-changing mindsets.

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Athletes Who Have
Followed The Vendetta Framework


For athletes who want to excel their game to the next level and push past expectations and limitations, our customized one-on-one training allows for undivided attention on his or her sport-specific goal. Our philosophy is to focus on injury prevention as well as mobility, recovery, and mental toughness. In our sport performance training, we provide a fully customized protocol for each sport and each athlete to get the best results. Buddy packages, group sessions, and team training also available! Click on the option below that best suits your needs

The Stats Don’t Lie

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For Athletes Who
Want To Rise Above The Competition


Our Sports Performance Program is designed to give you a huge leg up on your competition. Methods used by college and pro athletes unknown to your competition that will not only make you stand out, but it will also make you completely outperform anyone who tries to challenge you. This is unlike any other personal training or sports coaching you’ve seen. This is a proven replicable framework for athletes of all skill levels.

Brandon Wagner– Vendetta Fitness Graduate

Our Tradmarked E3 Method