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Our vision is to inspire not only our clients, but other young fitness enthusiasts. Our goal is to not only accept short-term satisfaction of a current want, but the gratification of an improved lifestyle. This is instilled by our perfected E3 (Evaluate-Educate-Execute) method, which was created to provide accountability for both fitness professionals and clients to reach each person’s individual goals and life-changing mindsets.

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Vendetta Consulting's Mission


Vendetta consulting is for gym owners and personal trainers who want to take their business to the next level. In your first discovery session, a Vendetta strategist assesses the current state of your business. Vendetta will guide you step by step to help you implement systems and processes that allow you to predictably generate new leads, scripts to streamline your sales process, a framework for onboarding new clients, as well as a longterm plan for retaining those clients.

Why Us?


1. After working with hundreds of personal trainers we understand to a science what it takes to predictably acquire new clients.