Choose the option below that best suits your fitness needs!

Personal Training

One-on-One Training

We motivate each individual client by conducting intensive one-on-one training sessions designed to target personal goals.

We express positive feedback and push you to your greatest potential. We provide you with all the essentials needed to reach your individual fitness goals.

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• Receive customized fitness and nutrition programs
• Engage in strength training sessions for every fitness goal
• Receive off-day workout plans that compliment your individual program
• Recovery usage available with every personal training package

– Air pressure rehabilitation
– Regular and deep tissue massage

Vendetta Fitness Personal Training

Vendetta Fitness Virtual Training

Online Training

Take your fitness to the next level with our customized online consulting. We create individualized nutritional plans, and tailored workout guides to achieve each goal of every client. Let us guide you on your fitness journey regardless of the goal.

• Get educational material and recommendations about supplements
• Receive motivational text and continued support
• Video instruction and Skype when available
• Receive personalized fitness and nutrition programs, complete with alternative food    substitutions, suggested dietary regiments, individualized exercises, and stretching routines.

*Rates vary based on chosen program

Group Training

Small Group Training

Engage in a social environment where you will be pushed as a group by your trainer and by your fellow peers. During the group training sessions, we encourage positivity and proper motivation to get through various vigorous workout routines. This is a fast-paced program where participants workout at their own pace. We find that when an individual is part of a small group, it helps reinforce the thinking that working out can be fun as well as challenging and creates meaningful social bonds.

* Small group training has a minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 participants.
* Recovery services available for an additional fee

Vendetta Fitness Small Group Training

Vendetta Fitness Buddy Training

Buddy Training

The buddy training program is optimized for partners of any kind. This option offers more personalized training than the small group option, with the same benefits of working together to motivate each other. Buddies achieve their goals together.

• Receive personal workout programs
• Custom partner exercises

*Recovery services available for an additional fee

Team Training

In our Team Training program, we focus on building team unity, while incorporating team building exercises for specific sports teams. This is a great addition to any school program! We are here to work with your kids harder than the competition.

Vendetta Fitness Team Training

Recovery & Flexibility

Don’t let your surgery or injury limit your possibilities. Enhance your recovery time with our corrective programming.

Included with your recovery package:
• Pain Reduction
• Faster Rehabilitation
• Increase Blood Circulation
• Relieve Muscle Swelling and Soreness
• Break Up Scar Tissue
• Decrease Lactic Acid Build-up
• Increase Lymphatic Flow
• Restore Normal Muscular Function
• Relief from Muscular Spasms
• Improve Active and Passive Range of Motion
• Improve Flexibility and Muscular Strength

Vendetta Fitness Recovery & Flexibility

Contest Coaching

We will get you ready to walk out on stage and feel confident about your physique with our extensive suggested nutrition regimen and intense training protocols. We will guide you 100% of the way to reaching your prime physical appearance to be the best version of you yet. With our help and your full dedication, you will never look better in your life than when you step out under the lights of that stage. No matter the goal, we’ll get you there.

• Assess your posing, eating habits, tan
• Get you ready from start to finish and deliver advice for your best attack at show preparation

Vendetta Fitness Contest Coaching